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When I'm not reading actual books, or things that haven't been added to either the site library here or at GoodReads or Leafmarks, my recommended reading material (primarily for fanfiction but also for original stories) can be found here.

Nine-Tenths of the Law

Nine-Tenths of the Law - L.A. Witt

1.5 stars this book made me angry

I thought this would be a simple "meh" read, but that was apparently hoping for too much.

This started off pretty well and I'd been enjoying it quite a bit, but it doesn't take long before my care level started to slip. I wanted to like this more, I really did, but there's just so much misdirected anger from Nathan throughout this book that keeps getting in the way of Nathan and Zack actually being happy. A lot of the book reads like this:

-Jake can't take no for a no and won't leave them alone
-Zack and Nathan fight (always about Jake)
-lots of makeup sex (seriously, lots) that momentarily seems to fix everything

"Let me ask you this: Have I ever given you any reason to doubt me? Have I given you any reason to think I'm lying to you?"
"No, you haven't, but-"
"When does this stop being about Jake and start being about us?"


You make an excellent point there Zack. And yet you keep talking to Jake, in person, on the phone, deliberately trying to have the last word with him so you can try to move on, but without ever making good decisions that will allow you to move on. And then there's you Nathan

"What did you expect me to do?"
"Oh, gee, let me think about this," I snapped. "I don't know, me? For once?"
"So I'm supposed to just ignore the things that seem suspiciously similar to things he did?"


YES! Bloodly fucking yes you're supposed to! I understand that you have trust issues dude, but holy fuck get over yourself.

Zack, leave him and don't look back. Go snuggle your cats in your bed and find someone who isn't such an asshole. Nathan's pretty hot, sure, but there are other guys who can give great sex too, who don't come back after you after you've broken up and begun to move on (sound familiar? *hint hint nudge nudge* idiot) and have the convenient excuse of having trusted you all along but not wanting to get his heart broken again. Seriously Zack, you should've gone back home to your cats. Look how cute they are!

Leave the jerks behind.

I've Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile

I've Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile - gyzym

"Today is the day that Arthur grins like an idiot and laughs and blushes and advises people on the amount of vanilla in their scones," Yusuf says. "May 22, everyone. Mark your calendars."

Eames, because he's a bastard, actually marks the calendar.


Sweet, adorable, a bit sad. Perfect.

I'm not feeling very coherent right now because chronic insomnia makes this another late night in a long list of late nights, but any eloquent words I could say about this fic would fall short on how I feel about it. This is the second story by gyzym I've read (The Love Song of the North American Douchebag is also pretty great) and I'm always going to look back on it with fondness. gyzym does a combination of comedy and slight angst so well and it's impossible for me not to swoon over her stories. I highly recommend this one! Also there's a pretty great soundtrack to read this to.

Note: for anyone who cares there are a few editing errors in this, but the number is very low.


Consorting With Dragons

Consorting With Dragons - Sera Trevor

4.25 stars

The main character's name is a different variation of my favorite male name (Jason) and that alone gets it 5stars from me, because sometimes I'm easy like that.

On a more serious note: I enjoyed the fuck out of this story! And there isn't even any sex! I wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as I did (I couldn't even put it down to go to bed), but this just made its way to my 'a thousand hearts' shelf of love. There were just so many things about it that I adored! The writing is great (very minor errors), the characters are all marvelous, I even smiled over the children and that is a very rare thing indeed, so points to Sera Trevor for that as well. There's some depth to the characters and the start of what seems to be some excellent world building, although if the story were longer there could be more development to both characters and their world. I even liked

Polina's character! I love me a bitch welldone ^~^ and the fact that she had moments of being likeable suggests that perhaps somewhere down the line there is hope for her to redeem herself, only at her own choosing of course.

(show spoiler)

My only complaint is that

the ending conflict of the story felt not only forced in to give the story a bit more "plot" and length, but also unnecessary. Yes, Jasen didn't want to tell Rilvor that he wasn't a virgin in the exact moment the first opportunity presented itself due to circumstances, but he had time to talk things out with Rilvor after that on many an occasion; and if Rilvor had had a problem with Jasen's lack of virginity (which he doesn't) then fuck him the marriage should be off anyway. Having Jasen keep the "secret" until Rilvor caught up with Jasen after the supposed scandal was "brought to light" (yay for rumors) served very little purpose. But besides that, what really irritates me is that the conflict felt resolved too easily and quickly. This irritated me so much that I skipped through the epilogue for basic information. I doubt reading the whole epilogue word for word would have made me feel any more complete, so no loss there.

(show spoiler)

Overall, this was cute and sweet, with moments that had me smiling (at children, of all things) and left me wanting more (and not just for the above spoiler). I would love to read something else by this author in the future.

Nothing Special

Nothing Special - Jay Northcote


The writing is...good, but there is so much stop and go between scenes that it's almost as if the author is asking you to take multiple breaks from the story. A single chapter can have anywhere from 2-7, with an average of approximately 5 scene changes per chapter. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes I felt there were breaks that easily could have had a simple transitioning paragraph instead, or some short scenes only a few paragraphs long that could have been excluded entirely without taking anything away from the story. And that...leads to the other issue I have.

I already knew prior to reading this story that "nothing special" would really happen throughout, but I don't think I was quite prepared for how little this story would make me feel. It's an extremely easy read with very little excitement of any kind. I didn't even feel very interested in the sex, which is a bit of a letdown. At first I felt connected to Noah (he likes books, cats, and is a bit shy in the beginning, all of which can describe me) but after a while I just stopped caring. About Noah, about Noah and Sol, about the book.

Some pluses:

-bookshops and cat love (best animal ever!)
-accepting parents is always a good thing
-simple, sweet romance with little complications
-very easy read

It's a perfect read when all you want is something light and full of romance. Unfortunately, it turns out I was in the mood for more action than this provided. I'm no less interested in reading more by this author, however I'm also not more interested and I think it will be a while before I pick something up by Northcote again.


Facta non Verba

Facta non Verba - dimeliora

4.25 stars

Well done and quite enjoyable but I would have liked for

the reason for Sam's muteness to be revealed and what the nightmare that caused it was,  although that is a pretty minor "complaint" since the reason doesn't much matter.

(show spoiler)

Ex Equals

Ex Equals - L.A. Witt This book is currently free on Amazon.

Breaking Point

Breaking Point - S.L. Armstrong, K. Piet Really enjoyed this story! It turned out to be a wonderful, sexy short full of hot kink between two men who have obviously been together for quite a while to build up that amount of trust. I'd love to have read more about their established relationship, but this was just a glimpse into their lives that worked very well. I'll definitely be trying these authors again.

The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game - J. Sterling This book is currently $1.99 on Amazon.

10 Things I ____ About You

10 Things I ____ About You - robpatFF 5 stars for perfection. Minor errors that don't even matter, it's still perfect in every way.

I've read the first half of this twice now because while at my grandparents' for a few of the Xmas holiday days my kindle suddenly cut off the story (some file error?) and wouldn't let me go farther. It did that to me during a HP fic a few days back so not completely unexpected (and then another HP fic), but it's testament to how good this story is that I nearly screamed at my kindle when I couldn't instantly continue.
“You’re our heart,” Zayn murmurs. His throat hurts, like he’s been screaming, like he’s about to cry. He swallows. Hard. “You’re Niall.”
This fic is cute. It's depressing and angsty. It made me cry (and I think reading it in one sitting, without having the story cut off on you, would definitely intensify the sad, so you should totally read it all in one go). It's beautiful and hopeful. And it is so full of love. I am in awe of this fic. I need to go read everything by this author. It's also guaranteed that I am now totally invested in 1D fanfic.

This is Probably a Terrible Idea

This is Probably a Terrible Idea  - statamater

4.5 stars


Kirk gets the wonderful idea to seduce Spock and refuses to give up. This eventually leads to feelings, on both sides, and confessions. But first, Jim plans. Great banter between Kirk and Bones also ensues:


"Bones, I had no idea you were this judgmental," says Kirk.

"I had no idea you were this ignorant," says McCoy.


All That We Can Be

Living on the Promise in Your Last Kiss - dreamlittleyo

3.5 stars

3 parts: Spock - McCoy - Kirk POVs

Spock experiences Pon Farr and Kirk helps him get through it (typical fuck-or-die situation) and they create a permanent bond. While neither regret their mutual decision to bond, there is little time to talk the new situation/relationship out for some time, which leads to Jim being confused on where they stand. Warning:

there is cheating in this story, but due to the confusion and miscommunication between the two since at this point they still haven't talked things out, it isn't intentional cheating.

(show spoiler)

I might have liked this better if I hadn't read so much Star Trek S/K fanfic that very little about this one felt new. Still, despite it not being the most imaginative fic in the fandom it was an enjoyable and easy read, very light with little-to-no angst unless you count slight miscommunication (via simply not talking things out) due to confusion that persists throughout much of part 3 with Jim's POV. Very minor editing errors (except for the misspelling of Chekov's name throughout) and overall written quite well.

In the Deafening Silence

In the Deafening Silence - leonidaslion I think this story broke me. I expected angst of course, would be an idiot not to with a) how Parting Shots isn't fair for making him so damned likeable. I fell in love with his character. I squealed at one point and flappedfluttered my arms in excitement over him. I think I very nearly cooed at him. He made me smile, he made me laugh. I'd share some quotes, one in particular, but I don't want to take that happy moment of reading him for the first time away from anyone during the story. He made me hope (for Dean). He made me believe, for one split second, that there could be a happy ending. Foolish of course as the series is marked as incomplete. Foolish in the same way that Riley knew there wasn't any hope from the beginning. But damn it I wanted. I yearned for a happy ending. In the same way that I periodically yell "Damn it Dean!" while watching the show, I wanted to scream for them to marry already. I think you already know that didn't happen.

In short, [a:leonidaslion|7372033|leonidaslion|] is brilliant and quickly becoming a favorite author of mine, might as well already be added to my fav authors list why isn't she already?. As long as you're ok with it being marked incomplete this is a series I highly recommend.

Like Staring Into the Sun

Like Staring Into the Sun - nyxocity “It’s not about the girls.”
Really? And yet it takes until around 50% before there’s a sex scene that doesn’t involve a girl. The girls do seem to be “just the excuse” though since they’re literally nothing more than props here. They could be sex dolls and the story would read about the same.

And maybe for some people that’ll be ok. But for me this just read bad. And maybe that has something to do with how I was CTRL-F’ing the word “cock” in this to see who would be top/bottom – it’s Sam/Dean btw, at least when they’re together as just them – because I have preferences and don’t want to waste my time reading a fic with the reversed roles if I know the moment I get to the sex I’m going to want to dnf, but I really don’t believe I’d think any higher of this story if that wasn’t the case.

Some of these sentences could have used a bit of work.
Feels his cock catch and drag against his brother’s, dry skin and sweet friction.
That’s not necessarily bad, but without context you have no idea who is who and it just feels awkward to read.
Sam fists a hand in his hair, tugs his head back, and he opens his mouth wider, lets his brother in, take everything, bitter taste of regret, black and fecund fear of dying, ashes and sacrifice and a lifetime of love and there’s nothing else but this—never has been anything else but this.
Uhm. I… don’t even know where to begin with this sentence. The part where I bolded really could have been the start of a new sentence and this would have read much cleaner rather than making me pause, double back, and try to decipher what exactly it is that I read here.
Sam sinks his teeth deep, sharp, stinging pain that…
It should be obvious that the “stinging pain” is something Dean feels in response to the bite, and the rest of the sentence helps clear that up sure, but… the rest of the sentence shouldn’t be where that clarification comes in.

I’ve made it sound like this is all bad; it's not, just mostly. Many sentences do make sense and flow, even the long ones. Sam and Dean still feel like Sam and Dean – at least for what I read – and the aching need between them is palpable. The midway sex scene, finally between just Sam and Dean, mostly reads well.
[B]ut it’s Sam and it really doesn’t matter if it hurts, because he’s been hurting with his little brother all his life and this is nothing compared to the ache in his heart all these years carved in the name “Sam”. And maybe, just maybe, with this, with nothing left between them but what’s always been there, that ache might ease a little.
Unfortunately, that halfway scene with just Sam and Dean is brief as it's only for the one scene. The very next chapter goes back to having a girl. At this point it feels like that third sentence in the synopsis – “It’s about them.” – is actually referring to girls rather than the brothers. And please. Don’t even get me started on the following chapter:
He holds you by your hips, positions you over his huge cock.

“That’s it, good girl,” he says, running his hands over your breasts.
Remember when I said the girl(s) could be dolls, nothing but objects just like how they’re written? I think this solidifies it. Now you get to be the object.

It’s not terrible. But it’s still a far cry from being good and not something I can recommend. Unless you want something that obviously could have used another set of eyes for editing or if you want a mfm story where the female literally serves no purpose. I might even have found this titillating


if a bit more care had gone into this story prior to posting.

In Pieces

In Pieces - dysonrules
Harry tilted the book so that Malfoy could easier see the pages. "Do you want me to hold it while you read?"

"No. I like it when you read. You have a nice voice." There was a moment of shocked silence and Harry looked at him in bemusement. Malfoy added, "For a git."
For the most part I liked this and I especially enjoyed the concept of Draco as a ghost and Harry and Draco falling in love; the book-reading parts were quite cute. Even Nearly-Headless Nick makes an appearance.


This isn't even a very angsty story for Harry and Draco's relationship despite Draco being dead. I actually found Ron's situation to be more angst inducing. The plot is mostly simple and primarily revolves around Harry researching ways to make Draco tangible again so they can be together, which starts off a lot about the mutual masturbation and evolves to real relationship reasons. This would have gotten 4 stars from me if not for the fact that around...60%? I started to lose interest and skip along; I don't even know the exact details of how Harry tied Draco back to his body, only that he did. The story is good - although it has some minor editing errors, sometimes for random tense change (from past to sudden present) and other typical things - but it's also a bit long and I have many other things to get off my to-read list. And that ending was way too sugary sweet for my current tastes, and also felt a little unnecessary although it does give the story closure.

Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack - astolat
Sam was looking up from his stack of newspapers, watching them eat with a weird expression. "I don't think demons give a lot of treats."

"Yeah, I guess," Dean said, then he paused. "Dude, you are not feeling
sorry for the hellhounds."
Neither really good or bad, but an interesting use of the hellhounds and vaguely amusing the whole way through. And with a bit more detail, or at least more length - *smirk* - I think the sex scene would have been better - I think I actually liked the kiss scenes more - although it was still good.

Bela's character was my favorite part of this story, but I think that might just be because I totally see her manipulating Dean like this, only with getting more out of it.


Duende - astolat

Holy shit someone actually wrote a fanfic for this movie! I've definitely gotta get on this.

I shouldn't be surprised, there are so many opportunities throughout Master & Commander. Definitely a movie I have to rec.

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