10 Things I ____ About You

10 Things I ____ About You - robpatFF 5 stars for perfection. Minor errors that don't even matter, it's still perfect in every way.

I've read the first half of this twice now because while at my grandparents' for a few of the Xmas holiday days my kindle suddenly cut off the story (some file error?) and wouldn't let me go farther. It did that to me during a HP fic a few days back so not completely unexpected (and then another HP fic), but it's testament to how good this story is that I nearly screamed at my kindle when I couldn't instantly continue.
“You’re our heart,” Zayn murmurs. His throat hurts, like he’s been screaming, like he’s about to cry. He swallows. Hard. “You’re Niall.”
This fic is cute. It's depressing and angsty. It made me cry (and I think reading it in one sitting, without having the story cut off on you, would definitely intensify the sad, so you should totally read it all in one go). It's beautiful and hopeful. And it is so full of love. I am in awe of this fic. I need to go read everything by this author. It's also guaranteed that I am now totally invested in 1D fanfic.