Nothing Special

Nothing Special - Jay Northcote


The writing is...good, but there is so much stop and go between scenes that it's almost as if the author is asking you to take multiple breaks from the story. A single chapter can have anywhere from 2-7, with an average of approximately 5 scene changes per chapter. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes I felt there were breaks that easily could have had a simple transitioning paragraph instead, or some short scenes only a few paragraphs long that could have been excluded entirely without taking anything away from the story. And that...leads to the other issue I have.

I already knew prior to reading this story that "nothing special" would really happen throughout, but I don't think I was quite prepared for how little this story would make me feel. It's an extremely easy read with very little excitement of any kind. I didn't even feel very interested in the sex, which is a bit of a letdown. At first I felt connected to Noah (he likes books, cats, and is a bit shy in the beginning, all of which can describe me) but after a while I just stopped caring. About Noah, about Noah and Sol, about the book.

Some pluses:

-bookshops and cat love (best animal ever!)
-accepting parents is always a good thing
-simple, sweet romance with little complications
-very easy read

It's a perfect read when all you want is something light and full of romance. Unfortunately, it turns out I was in the mood for more action than this provided. I'm no less interested in reading more by this author, however I'm also not more interested and I think it will be a while before I pick something up by Northcote again.