In Pieces

In Pieces - dysonrules
Harry tilted the book so that Malfoy could easier see the pages. "Do you want me to hold it while you read?"

"No. I like it when you read. You have a nice voice." There was a moment of shocked silence and Harry looked at him in bemusement. Malfoy added, "For a git."
For the most part I liked this and I especially enjoyed the concept of Draco as a ghost and Harry and Draco falling in love; the book-reading parts were quite cute. Even Nearly-Headless Nick makes an appearance.


This isn't even a very angsty story for Harry and Draco's relationship despite Draco being dead. I actually found Ron's situation to be more angst inducing. The plot is mostly simple and primarily revolves around Harry researching ways to make Draco tangible again so they can be together, which starts off a lot about the mutual masturbation and evolves to real relationship reasons. This would have gotten 4 stars from me if not for the fact that around...60%? I started to lose interest and skip along; I don't even know the exact details of how Harry tied Draco back to his body, only that he did. The story is good - although it has some minor editing errors, sometimes for random tense change (from past to sudden present) and other typical things - but it's also a bit long and I have many other things to get off my to-read list. And that ending was way too sugary sweet for my current tastes, and also felt a little unnecessary although it does give the story closure.