All That We Can Be

Living on the Promise in Your Last Kiss - dreamlittleyo

3.5 stars

3 parts: Spock - McCoy - Kirk POVs

Spock experiences Pon Farr and Kirk helps him get through it (typical fuck-or-die situation) and they create a permanent bond. While neither regret their mutual decision to bond, there is little time to talk the new situation/relationship out for some time, which leads to Jim being confused on where they stand. Warning:

there is cheating in this story, but due to the confusion and miscommunication between the two since at this point they still haven't talked things out, it isn't intentional cheating.

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I might have liked this better if I hadn't read so much Star Trek S/K fanfic that very little about this one felt new. Still, despite it not being the most imaginative fic in the fandom it was an enjoyable and easy read, very light with little-to-no angst unless you count slight miscommunication (via simply not talking things out) due to confusion that persists throughout much of part 3 with Jim's POV. Very minor editing errors (except for the misspelling of Chekov's name throughout) and overall written quite well.