In the Deafening Silence

In the Deafening Silence - leonidaslion I think this story broke me. I expected angst of course, would be an idiot not to with a) how Parting Shots isn't fair for making him so damned likeable. I fell in love with his character. I squealed at one point and flappedfluttered my arms in excitement over him. I think I very nearly cooed at him. He made me smile, he made me laugh. I'd share some quotes, one in particular, but I don't want to take that happy moment of reading him for the first time away from anyone during the story. He made me hope (for Dean). He made me believe, for one split second, that there could be a happy ending. Foolish of course as the series is marked as incomplete. Foolish in the same way that Riley knew there wasn't any hope from the beginning. But damn it I wanted. I yearned for a happy ending. In the same way that I periodically yell "Damn it Dean!" while watching the show, I wanted to scream for them to marry already. I think you already know that didn't happen.

In short, [a:leonidaslion|7372033|leonidaslion|] is brilliant and quickly becoming a favorite author of mine, might as well already be added to my fav authors list why isn't she already?. As long as you're ok with it being marked incomplete this is a series I highly recommend.