The Alpha's Ardor (Wolves of Flathead, #1)

The Alpha's Ardor (Wolves of Flathead, #1) - Rebecca Brochu This was really, really good. Much better than I was expecting it to be. Not only did this story have some plot, with well-thought out and explained pasts, good characters and a realistic development to the relationships, the sex at the end was definitely hot.

It's a fairly quick read and totally worth it. I love how Law and Declan are instantly attracted to each other and slowly open up to each other, Law offering Declan something he's never truly had before - safety and security - and Declan slowly taking the chance to follow his heart and trust Law and finally finding true happiness.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how Trace tries to woo Lachlan and be further introduced to both the characters in the sequel [b:The Beta's Beloved|21946379|The Beta's Beloved (Wolves of Flathead, #2)|Rebecca Brochu||41251102]. Even more than that, I would love it if the author decided to make a third story involving the fox Quinn who is briefly shown and what I assume to be his burgeoning relationship with Colby who is only discussed rather than introduced.