Prince of Thorns

Prince of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence I found myself only a little disappointed with this since I was told over and over that the main character does some very horrific things, which he definitely does, but I expected...more. More graphic details, more horrific killings, more blood and death all around. It was definitely more than the average book I read, but I still had expectations not met. This I can blame entirely on my friends telling me about it and building up my expectations to the point that I can't quite say reading leaves me satisfied. All in all still a very good book and very well-written, with a world and main character that had me loving them from the first page. I have high hopes for the rest of the series and all of Lawrence's other creations.

Spoiler here because apparently we really learn this later on in the series, but something I was told while reading and that I think makes the world far easier to understand and therefore a more enjoyable read: the world is not set in any form of the past, but instead the far future of our world. Kind of a scary thought in and of itself, which I suppose adds to the overall horror effect of the series. Still, and perhaps I shouldn't think of this, I now have higher expectations for George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books. I've been watching the TV series, but I'm told by friends and family that the books are far more graphic than both the show and Mark Lawrence's The Broken Empire to the point that some of them skim through. That isn't saying much for them, but still. High hopes for both A Song of Ice and Fire and the following tales of Jorg in his quest for power over all.