Lady of Devices

Lady of Devices - Shelley Adina I found this to be a very engaging story, both for its imaginative world and its characters. Each are ever progressive (something to be expected of a steampunk setting) and are excellent reasons to pull you in. I like that the story starts off slow (thankfully not dull), setting the foundation for the series and allowing for readers to feel their way around Adina's world and beginning characters before "the plot thickens".

Adina presents us with Claire, later to become known as the Lady of Devices, who knows she wants more out of life than fulfilling both societal expectations and her mother's. Throughout the book, we see how Claire develops as a character while striving for her goal to be an independent Wit relying on her intelligence rather than a pretty face among the Bloods worrying about marriage proposals and new flattering dresses. Despite the many challenges she faces along the way, Claire doesn't lose her sense of self or sight of her goal. Instead, she faces these challenges, makes the most out of a poor situation where many would break under pressure, develops a stronger sense of self and clearer outline to reach her goal of furthering her education in engineering, gains friendship in unexpected places, and helps to transform the lives of those around her. While Claire herself is a wonderful character, the story is thankfully full of many other wonderful souls who make Claire's life, and the reading experience, all the better.

As the first in a series, Lady of Devices ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. But that is to be expected and only gives more reason to hurry and pick up the next book.