Pledge Slave

Pledge Slave - Evangeline Anderson Dropped at 2%

I tried to give this a chance after [b:Str8te Boys|6562748|Str8te Boys|Evangeline Anderson||6755605] made me cringe on so many levels, ooh so many levels but while I don't have the same problems with this book as I did the previous, her writing just isn't something I can get into. Perhaps I started with the wrong ones, since at the very least [b:Slave Boy|4887207|Slave Boy|Evangeline Anderson||4952604] and [b:'Til Kingdom Come|8418863|'Til Kingdom Come|Evangeline Anderson||13281507] sounded like books I would have enjoyed - or at least enjoyed more. Sadly, I don't think I'll be picking Anderson up again anytime soon, if ever.