Geography Club

Geography Club - Brent Hartinger This was actually a pretty good read. Hartinger's story has a lot of depth to it about realistic things people have to go through every day concerning relationships and friendships, high school, dealing with things that at the time are incredibly difficult but in the end being able to come out of them stronger than before, and accepting one's self for who they are.

Overall I really liked it and am glad to have read it. But so much of it hit too close to home, not in a good way. Thankfully I can say it's not a personal thing so much as a lot of the issues and realities in the story are things people around me have had to be dealing with personally right now. But thankfully, just as things come to a hopeful end in Russell's life, things are looking up out here. Reality has a second chapter for us to embark in and deal with for good and bad. Geography Club has a sequel too, but I don't think I'm ever going to get into it. Good as the story is, relevant as it is, possibly enlightening as the continuation of the story may be, I don't think it's something I'll ever feel comfortable continuing.