The Art of the Deal

The Art of the Deal - B.A. Stretke I would have enjoyed this more if the transition between character perspectives, settings, and overall scenes had been broken up more clearly rather than just a new paragraph with no clear break. The character focus could have been more consistent and have less frequent changes – more like in the beginning when it was section by section, rather than the evolution into paragraph by paragraph and sentence by sentence. There were also too many errors for me to look over (punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.); mostly slight ones that nevertheless drew my attention away from simply reading. The conflicts were solved far too quickly for my tastes. Yes, it's all well and good that Wier (or was it Weir?) and Britney's brother Adam were stopped from pursuing Sean further, but what about the other countless people they're likely to have no qualms about hurting in the future? And maybe I skipped over this part in the very end, but what happened with Britney herself and will she really stop trying to cause trouble for Sean? And, last but not least, the conflict in the actual romance. You tell him you love him, at last, and we just skip over all the other problems still swirling around you? He just suddenly forgets about how he thinks you cheated on him? Really? Too clean, doesn't feel realistic enough.

However, since I read it all in mostly one sitting (and while this is short, it isn’t short enough to be considered a ‘short story’ and I read pretty slowly besides), it kept my attention and had me enjoying it well enough for my given rating. Overall a very quick, easy, and enjoyable read with characters I thoroughly adored.