The Incestuous Courtship Of The Antichrist's Bride

The Incestuous Courtship Of The Antichrist's Bride - Fleshflutter
"It exists, Dean. That path, it exists. And all it requires is some personal sacrifice from you and me."

Dean's quiet for a moment. There's still a flaking streak of gray mud along his cheekbone. "What kind of sacrifice are we talking? We gotta give up sex or something?"

Immediately, Sam is totally fascinated by the speckle of bug corpse on the windshield, which is helpfully in the other direction to Dean. "Not exactly," he says.

"Not pie?" Dean sounds so horrified by the prospect that Sam wishes he could have started with that, and then consoled Dean that actually, it was nothing so terrible as giving up pie, it was just a little gay incest on an altar.

Do you need another reason to read this masterpiece? Just in case you do need another reason, here we go:

The Brotherhood of the Stolen Eyes was the first church to spring up in Sam's name. It's since been followed by the Cult of the Shadow King and the Order of Lost Souls, the latter being a splinter group of the Brotherhood, created to accommodate the worshipping needs of those who already had World of Warcraft on Tuesday evenings.