Taxes and TARDIS

Taxes and TARDIS - N.R. Walker I apologize now for the onslaught of gifs. I don't usually use them, but there's only so much words can get across for how I feel about this book so gif overload is a necessary.

Oh. My. God. The cute. The absolute cute. Everything about this made me smile. From the very beginning I was in love with this story.

This entire story was like cute overload and is exactly the sort of cute story I had been aching for for a while now.

I have to hand it to the author, if I wasn’t already set on ‘no’ there are so many things I need to read and watch and overall get caught up in and I am slow and a master at putting these things off, so unless a friend watched it with me via force, it seems unlikely, I would be very tempted to watch the entire series of Dr. Who. The way Brent and Logan set up their date almost had me convinced I should – seriously, so damn cute!

And then there’s the kissing which, if you hadn’t guessed already, is also absurdly cute.

Seriously, eskimo kisses. They didn’t do them, but it was that cute

And this hot

And as if I wasn’t already in love with the characters, Logan shows Brent his wall collection of books

As if this book and the characters weren’t sexy enough
He pulled his pillow up against the headboard, grabbed his own book off the bedside table and grinned at me. “I’ve always wanted to lie in bed with another man and just read,” he said quietly. “Not your average fantasy, I know.”
You and me both Logan, you and me both. Seriously, could this book be any more adorable? This is like the epitome of cute.

And the cover! The cover is actually spot-on perfect, which just makes everything better. Two hot guys laying on a bed in their underwear, totally leaning into each other, and a book to boot. Such images make me happy.

All of the cute in this story had me cooing and squealing. And, god, then it got to the angst. There had been brief moments throughout that made me pause and think 'this is it' only to be wrong. So I wasn't quite prepared for when it did get angsty and I actually cried.

Not only was it heartbreakingly sad, but it was also so very sweet. Really, Tim is the best side character and roommate. I love that he was there for Brent both at the end and throughout Brent's life and helped him and Logan when things got tough. I love the way things got resolved and how they really do complete each other, how Brent fully opened himself to Logan see what I did there? and how Logan helped Brent heal the aches in his heart. They each had their own painful pasts and Logan was left with some insecurities but I feel that, besides Brent constantly telling

and showing Logan he has nothing to feel insecure about, they really manage to help each other to deal with the pain and become stronger individuals because of it and the support they both provide each other.

This was definitely one of my more enjoyable reads and perfect after some past disappointing ones. I highly recommend it!

In the end I was left like this

and feeling like this toward the author and everything in Taxes and TARDIS

Thank you Mrs. Walker for making my day with this wonderful story

and for having other works out. I think I need to continue and meet her other characters who I believe will be just as amazing. I'm so looking forward to more from her