To Catch A Fox

To Catch A Fox - Geoffrey Knight, Ethan Day
Suddenly Tucker’s mouth opened even wider as he watched, in disbelief, a huge white alligator lumber across the lawn in Jon’s direction. Tucker panicked. “Jon, look out! There’s a gator after you.”
Fox turned, not appearing the least bit alarmed. “No worries; that’s just Snowy.”
Tucker blinked, more shocked than ever. “Snowy?” he whispered. “Who in the hell
are these people?”
I’ve never been much for mystery, and I’ve never liked thrillers so the combination is often off-putting. However, I can see why this has gotten so many of the good reviews it has and I’m happy I put in the time to take a chance with it. Something about the way these types of stories are written, with everything so fast-paced and action-heavy, I’m actually surprised I didn’t put it down halfway through for another book as I am wont to do and come back to it later. I’ve gotta say, much as I liked the characters, primarily Fox and Tucker (and to a lesser extent Fox’s mother and also Eva, since both are secondary characters, who each managed to give the story some much needed – in my opinion – light-hearted moments away from all the hustle and bustle of the ‘thrill’:
Eva sat up, eyes wide as saucers while Tucker’s shaking hand came to rest on Fox’s shoulder. “Still worried about your fucking shoes?” Fox asked, irritated with all her nonsense now that they’d all nearly been killed.
“Yes,” Eva said in a breathy whisper, “but I’ll go nevertheless.”
), the sex is what really kept my interest and gave me that extra boost of a reason to stick with the story. It may also be a primary factor for why I sped through the story so quickly – I started this last night and got through the first chapter before I had to finally call it a night and managed to get through the rest of this over the course of the day, so I’d call that very quick for me considering its length and my habit of putting books off for a while I like to think I don’t want them to end. The sex was incredibly hot and is well spread throughout the story, making sure that the plot isn’t eclipsed by the sex, but that the sex still gets to be a good focus every now and then, spicing up both the character’s simmering romantic feelings and their lives as they occasionally allow themselves to let go and forget for a moment the dangers around them.

I’m especially surprised I got through the story with all the editing errors it has strewn about. Little things like mistaking ‘expensive’ for the correct ‘expense’ might seem a minor inconvenience and like tiny drawbacks, but for me they are glaring imperfections that capture my focus and take away from the story. And yet, even though the book had plenty of such errors, and more besides, thankfully the writing was still very well done. Any more on the side of mediocre and I know I’d never have finished the book no matter how much I may have wanted to.

While I did finish the book, I completely skipped the chapter about the past and family truth because, frankly, it’s just not something that interested me and wasn’t something I cared about; again, mystery is not my genre and while I can get through some mystery and even enjoy it, this particular combination of history and mystery didn’t hold my attention at all. My only other problem with the book is that I wasn’t surprised by any of the unfolding mysteries especially the part where the identity of Tucker’s father is revealed except for a small portion of the very end. Somehow I didn’t think Sister Sacrifice was a real person until that ending scene.

All in all To Catch a Fox was well-written, sexy, interesting, and an enjoyable enough read for a day. A part of me could almost do without the sequel, but the very end of the book promises the eventual sequel will be worth reading. I’m a bit of a sucker for one half of a couple, particularly if it’s the one routinely on the bottom in the relationship, being kidnapped while their partner has to rescue them. This is especially true if the one being kidnapped is potentially in a position where they could be used as some form of a pleasure slave, which, unless I’m wrong, seems to be the case for Tucker’s potential future in book 2. So all in all I’m looking forward to book 2: A Fox in the Hole.