Academic Pursuits

Academic Pursuits - Lou Harper I actually felt this was incredibly cute; cuter than I was expecting it to be, considering the way it started off was downright hot, an aspect which thankfully, and pleasantly, carried throughout the book.

Jamie isn't afraid to go after what he wants and as he expresses, he enjoys the challenge of a chase. Written from his perspective Jamie's experiences and enjoyment get a lot of focus. Normally, my experience with the sub-genre of seducing the straight guy has been less than fun and not exactly something to open me up to the theme. I'm happy to say that Lou Harper makes it work here. Jamie's character is very likeable and it was nice to see that he was a guy who genuinely cared for others and went out of his way to help them when others might not: when Jamie, after a recent 'conquest' subtly tries to help the guy find someone who is his type while coming to a full realization of what it is he actually wants rather than what he thinks he wants or would be expected to; when Jamie plays matchmaker (which was adorable) for his roommate and close cousin Jo to get together with someone genuinely into her and opens her eyes to what she's been missing; when Jamie briefly gets a past fling out of a potentially bad or dangerous situation. The side characters and their relationships, particularly that of Jamie and Jo, were cute, sweet, and funny; this story had me laughing and smiling for large portions of the interactions.

I really liked that by the time Jamie and Roger got together Jamie had come to a realization that he wanted more than simple one-night stands or just sex, if not a realization of what that more yet was. It was nice that the two didn't jump right into bed, despite their very obvious attraction to each other, after they'd cleared up their misunderstanding. I liked seeing them go on a date and actually get to know each other better, to make sure they were compatible for an actual relationship. That Roger was completely smitten and already planning for long-term was incredibly sweet. I especially liked that Jamie not only allowed himself to be taken by Roger but also wholeheartedly enjoyed their intimacy together, especially since Jamie displayed hesitation in his previous engagement whilst on bottom with someone else in the story.

I can't wait to read more of Harper's books. If they're even close to as good as this one I think Harper will soon become a favorite just as this book now is.