Kraken - M. Caspian Dropped at 30%.
I think I need to be in a different mood to actually read this.

The story is easy to read and well-written and it's a pretty enjoyable read, especially if one is a fan of tentacle sex, something that doesn't get enough exploration, especially in books. The biggest drawbacks were the occasional editing errors: mentioning a character's name before he is officially introduced by name, accidentally putting one name down when it should belong to another character, and other little things that most books seem to have and fail to miss.

It started off well and was interesting and the author clearly put some thought and effort into everything for writing this, but by 30% I found my interest slipping, for both the direction the story was going despite a definite promise of Cyrus keeping Will captive and at his side in much the same way that he surely had kept Cameron before he escaped and for the characters themselves Will still interested me a bit, but I was never enamored with Cyrus' character. I'm going to attribute a small part of it to poor sleep last night, pausing in reading this after the first chapter and allowing the 'new book' experience and glow to fade until I picked it up the next morning, and having another book on my mind since I promised the friend who rec'd the series to me that I'd get to finishing it this week. All of that combined to pull my attention away from the book. But the bottom line is that after a while it just turned into more of a chore to read, and not even the mindlessly easy and mildly enjoyable kind where your mind can safely wander to more enjoyable things and the task is still properly finished. Even the promise of kinky tentacle - and possibly forced - sex wasn't enough to convince me to either skim through some parts or simply skip through to what I originally picked this up for. Not even Kynthos-the-Archer's review, someone whose reviews I trust and whose shelving system always puts me in a state of excitement for a "Kynthos highly-rated" book with a theme full of darker-side material, was enough of a reason for me to continue on. Sadly, in this case, what started out engaging and promising simply fell flat for me.

That being said, I do thank the author for exploring this concept since I feel that it really doesn't get enough interest I've only read three tentacle sex short stories across the internet that I can remember, all of which were good, but simply not enough.