Trouble & the Wallflower

Trouble & the Wallflower - Kade Boehme I wish I had started reading this later than I did so I would have had more time to devote to the book. I already wanted to read some of Kade Boehme's other books, but now I definitely do. The book kept me interested all throughout, with Boehme's writing, his characters, their relationships and all the dynamics therein.

I absolutely love how Davy and Gavin, both hurting from how their mothers raised them and left them to face the world, come together and heal.

“I don’t know who convinced you that you aren’t good. But you are.” Davy was certain of that. No one cared for their grandfather or was as loved as Gavin if they weren’t good.
Gavin looked sad again, defeated. “Haven’t you heard? I’m trouble.”
Davy smiled and nipped Gavin’s bottom lip. “Well, trouble might not be all bad.”

They have some ups and downs throughout their relationship, but the two are determined to do their best to make things work and turn out for the best. Neither is willing to give up on the other.

The whole situation was unnerving, but he wouldn’t back down. Something inside him said Davy was worth it. He wanted to get this right.

The two come to care for each other more than either thought they were capable of. The way they have been hurt in the past has led them to believe they are each unworthy of being loved and appreciated for who they are. But what begins as flirting leads to real friendship and from there love.

When everyone else saw the two of them, they saw Gavin who was nothing but trouble and Davy who was a wallflower, but in Gavin’s estimation, if you looked inside you’d see that Gavin was just a scared little boy and Davy was his hero.