Coyote's Creed

Coyote's Creed - Vaughn R. Demont Dropped at 20%.

I really wanted to like this story. But I think my expectations were just too high? I liked the writing and I was all for the world building and the direction the plot seemed to be going, but somehow I wasn't able to get into it. Which sucks because this came to me recommended and I had another two people hoping I would enjoy this as they did. Unfortunately I just didn't connect with the characters and I don't feel the 'connection' between Spencer and his 'uncle' Rourke. The setup for their getting together also didn't work for me on any level. A real bummer because usually the setup of 'my inhibitions have been lowered for whatever reason so let's get physical' does work for me, but with this? It almost felt forced, as though without the strong wine in Spencer's system they never would have gotten together and it just isn't sitting right with me.

I've been told that it does begin to get better, but if I'm still struggling to feel any form of connection with the characters by 20%, then it's just not gonna happen.