As Meat Loves Salt

As Meat Loves Salt - Maria McCann I'll likely come back to this eventually but I don't know when.

Dropped at 5%.

Much like Brandon Sanderson's [b:Mistborn: The Final Empire|68428|Mistborn The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)|Brandon Sanderson||66322], I've decided to officially drop As Meat Loves Salt, although for mostly different reasons. As with Mistborn, McCann's book is one I put down a while back, thinking I would eventually come back to it. Perhaps if I had waited longer that is exactly what would have happened. But, as a last similarity with Sanderson's book, As Meat Loves Salt is one that since putting down I have seldom thought of and I find myself looking at and thinking of the numerous other stories I can read instead.

I don't think McCann's book is bad by any means, simply not for me. In reading through the prologue I was filled with a sense of intrigue for plot, completely interested in what would happen over the course of the book. But as time went on, the initial enchantment wore off and I was filled with a sense of waiting: waiting for the story to pick up more, for the pace to quicken ever-so-slightly and not feel so slow, hoping against hope that the overall story wouldn't be too much like the prologue where the point, for however beautiful it is, is only felt at the very end. Even now I'm interested in the development of the book and its characters, but the interest is no longer at the high peak it once was and I contemplate finishing it as more of an assignment than as simple enjoyment.

However, these are really just my own feelings, and I can tell from both the many high ratings and reviews as well as the direction of the plot given by the prologue that this is in fact an excellent story. Personally I just found myself wanting more.