Ellery's Duty

Ellery's Duty - Kim Dare I almost didn't read this after reading the first book of the series and finding that it fell a bit flat for me. Because of that I was reluctant to read this even though I already loved Kefir from book 1 and decided to skip book 2 altogether. I was worried that in so doing I would miss some key points from the second book's relationship, but it turns out I needn't have worried. I can't quite tell if that's a thing I like about Kim Dare's writing or not, but at least this time it worked to my advantage.

Overall I'm pleased with this book and with the development of Kefir and Ellery's relationship, how the two include each other in their respective worlds before combining the two for a successful end. I can't give this piece anything higher than a 4 as there's no real depth to the concept and it's basically a retelling of the first installment just with a different character/relationship focus with characters I enjoy more. Still, I'm glad I took the time to come back and read it. Kefir and his kitten qualities really is adorable.