I Fell in Love with a Zombie

I Fell in Love with a Zombie - Sean Kennedy Parts of this story were actually cute, which is something I wasn't really expecting considering the theme of zombies, but that also doesn't really reach the level of horror or darkness one would normally expect from a zombie story.
But an illusion can fool you if you let it. Old feelings were being reawakened in me, even though the rational part of my brain outlined all the reasons why and how it was a bad thing. But the heart is an entirely different organ to the mind, and it likes to flip it the bird every so often and tell it to never darken its doorstep again.
This was a pretty short read and one I liked but, while hopeful for both the future of Jay and Dave reuniting with other people looking to rebuild as well as their future as a couple, because of the way it ended I feel I can only give it 4 stars instead of the 5 I was planning on.