Forever Under a Rainbow

Forever Under a Rainbow - Posy Roberts This was a very cute and sweet story. In many ways it reminded me of Kade Boehme's [b:Trouble & the Wallflower|20645398|Trouble & the Wallflower|Kade Boehme||39938078] especially in the revelation that both characters prefer the bottom role in sex but while both showed constructive ways to get around this obstacle, I felt that Boehme dealt with the 'issue' better. Still, Roberts came up with some sexy resolutions and a heartfelt talk that brought these two closer together, although I would have preferred that second round of sex with Stone on top and Bridger on bottom to have more detail. Overall I think it could have done better with some more length and a bit more detail of their relationship toward the end and a bit less of the 'gloss over', but this was an enjoyable story and I'm glad I took the time to read it.