Vampire Wanted

Vampire Wanted - Amber Kell I don't know how to feel about this story. On one hand I like it a lot, on the other there is an overwhelming amount of possessiveness, something I usually like, and an unnecessary abundance of cute pet names and endearments, something I can only take so much of before it becomes overdone in my opinion. I alternated between wanting to give it 4stars, for enjoying parts so much, and then 2stars, for all of the issues I had with it, namely the editing error concerning Lila's name suddenly and - thankfully - momentarily becoming Lily before switching back (even an editor with rudimentary skills could easily catch this error, so the fact that it was left unfixed irks me to no end).

Mandy suggests not taking this story seriously while reading, and I think her method is the best approach since to look at it from any other angle would make it deserving of less stars.