Mind Reader

Mind Reader - Jordan Castillo Price 3.5 stars

This had a few little editing errors that could have easily been taken care of with a quick read-through and were a bit distracting. I jumped right into this after 2.2 Many Happy Returns, so I didn't read the summary beforehand and didn't automatically know who the first person perspective was coming from. While it is pretty obvious it's Victor, a lot of my focus still went into figuring out if it actually was Victor or just some random guy with similar powers Crash was hitting on and these distractions pulled me away from just enjoying the story.

But I did still like this short installment. It felt like it nicely added some extra depth to Victor and Crash's relationship, especially when it comes to the details concerning Victor's ability and Crash's reactions. And since I'm particularly interested in their developing relationship, this was definitely nice to read and I'm glad Price put this in.