Bitter Honey, Green Night

Bitter Honey, Green Night - Faith Wood
Draco's smile widens; it feels frozen on his face. "Please say cracking again. You growl it, did you know? I love it. It sounds powerful. Look . . ." Draco pulls up his sleeve and shoves his arm toward Potter. "I have goose bumps."

Potter looks at the ceiling as though asking for support from a deity above.
This was incredibly cute, as per usual with faithwood's works. I love the humor she gives Draco and the interactions between Harry and Draco feel fitting for the characters. A recommended put-a-smile-on-your-face short read that's also perfect for the holidays.
"I never said that," Draco interrupts quickly. "I said I didn't want your help. I never said I didn't want your . . . If I say cock, will it sound too crude?"