In From The Cold

In From The Cold - Acavall
Maireann croi eadrom i bhfad.

Dropped at 48%. Not a bad thing, I swear! This is a case of it was me, not the fic!

Finally started in on the One Direction fanfiction over the Xmas holidays! Very happy about that ^~^ although it means I'm probably never going to stop having to remind myself that this Harry of 1D is in fact not Harry Potter, but that's completely to do with how used I am to reading HP fic (so. very. much.) and how this is the first 1D fic I've managed to get through so much of (that sounds bad, I know, but I would have finished 10 Things I ____ About You [which is utterly amazing btw!] if my kindle hadn't had problems and let me finish) and also that this is the first 1D fic I've read with Harry as the focus main character. It'll take some getting used to, but the fanfic of this fandom is turning out to be very good so my getting used to the Harry vs Harry is a sure thing.

I think my favorite part of this fic was all the easy banter between the boys, how they made me smile no matter who was talking to who, and that gushing + friendship is great.

"I’m going to die, Zayn. I’m possibly already dead and living in hell. I spoke to him for two minutes this morning and had to stop myself from jumping him at least four times. You should have seen the way he carries his luggage bags.”

“I wasn’t aware carrying suitcases could be sexy,” Zayn murmurs with quiet amusement, and Harry thinks maybe Zayn needs to have his tea poured over his head.

Terribly amusing.

“Harry,” Zayn says, putting down his mug ever so gently, “You can’t just trip and fall on his cock.”

It's very much a holiday story, perfect for reading around Christmas time, with lots of good, happy feelings with the easy camaraderie between the characters. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, I did end up dropping this story since I've only been able to take so much Xmas holiday cheer/winter season inspired settings lately (I don't even know why, winter is my favorite season!) so even though I started to fall in love with it, there was only so much I could take before craving something else.

So yes, I dropped this, but that is COMPLETELY on me and not the story. People craving winter season story settings, lots of friendship, a romantic comedy, and uh..good sex(? I actually skipped that part entirely O.O) will love this story!

P.S. I so want to attend that book festival Harry briefly mentions! Does anyone happen to know of any good book festivals worth going to? Besides, you know, all of them.