The Merchant of Death

The Merchant of Death - D.J. MacHale Originally read many, many years ago, as are most of the rest for the series.

We all know and love the Harry Potter series, and for many of us it was the series that began our love of reading. Harry Potter was definitely the series that originally made me love reading, drifting off into fantasy-land and delving into books with zeal.

But the Pendragon series is the one that truly kept my interest in reading and opened me up to the worlds books have to offer and the incredible creations from imagination. I can honestly say that this is the series that sparked my love of all things books well past childhood, and plays a part in my dream to enter the publishing industry a career that keeps my constantly around books, yes please!. So I have a lot to thank D. J. MacHale for and especially his creation of all things Halla and most notably of Bobby Pendragon and the characters that accompany Bobby on his adventure. This is a series I have continuously come back to, and one I know I will come back to reread for years to come, and one I know will forever remain close to my heart.