King's Conquest

King's Conquest - Valentina Heart I don't know if I like this well enough to give it even a 2.5 rating; probably not. I really could have done without the inner voice of the miffed and cast aside lover, but even though I don't feel it helped the book any, it's hardly the only thing I had problems with. Sometimes I enjoy a couple who fawns over each other and is not shy with their endearments, but I have to really be in the mood for it to work for me, and this just didn't do it. It doesn't help that I felt the main character got over his fear of things too quickly in the name of love. Overall it just didn't hit it off for me like I thought it would, although this being a quick read certainly helped.

I'm almost curious enough about the mpreg bit to continue on reading the second book, but I don't think I'm quite curious enough about how it goes for them to actually read it. Too bad, since I actually like mpreg.