In The Closet

In The Closet - Michi Chu Not something I'd call creepy, although some might call it exactly that. At first this was a little difficult to get into but the summary and the promise of more than just Ron's beginning first-person perspective (plus the hints given throughout the first part) promised that this would be, well, something more at least. Truthfully I wasn't expecting very much from this going into it outside of it being a recommended creepy fanfic read, but I found it to be more dark in theme and overall concept than truly 'creepy'.

However, I can totally see how others would find this to be creepy given the revealing 'surprise' at the end. Personally, I did find the end to be a bit of a surprise, although every detail written points to the ending facts, but I suppose I was more optimistically hopefully than I had any right to be don't start to get hopeful about anything in this story, it won't end well if you do.

There was a lot of this that I didn't actually like - for instance, the above mentioned Ron perspective in the beginning which, while not bad doesn't really feel good and the same goes for the writing at parts, and then there was everything about Ginny who as a character I simply don't care for and while I do understand her motivation it's rather difficult not to, even if you don't share in her experiences, her reasoning is still easy to understand if you can't relate I still can't condone her actions but that's more because I completely ship HPDM, always have and always will, and don't like for anything to get in the way of their love and happiness. But even with everything I didn't like, which would normally be enough to make me quickly lose interest, there was still plenty there to like. The scenes with Harry and what appears to be, and to an extent actually is Draco were both rather romantic and engaging considering the concept of the story as it is slowly revealed - both through Ron's investigation into Harry's mysterious life, and by the other characters as their own experiences are divulged - before finally coming completely to light at the end if you're still confused after reading the end of the story, the author's note just after clears that up.

Under normal circumstances I don't think this is a story I would have been able to read past the beginning portions - and yes, I still feel that way after finishing it even with my 5star rating. But recently I've been in an anime/manga mood and have been listening to/watching my playlist of anime openings/endings and along came the opening+ending of AnoHanawhich is an absolutely beautiful and wonderfully heartbreaking series and I've been in the mood for angst since. So this story, particularly with the ending portions, and most especially with the last portion with Harry, was perfect for the mood I've been in now. The author did a good job of not dwelling on the angst and allowing the reader to move on after a while once the full blow of the concept sets in. And, depending on how you look at it, either a bit of hope and happiness for at least Ron and Hermione's relationship, or perhaps another couple whose happiness survives either in much the same way as or as a sort of replica of how Harry and Draco's relationship "survived" - which brings me to one last 'not a problem' small question: what exactly was the accident Draco suffered that Harry mentions? In the end, I felt this was a beautiful story in theme and especially in concept that is worth a high rating and should get more notice.