El Presidio Rides North

El Presidio Rides North - Domashita Romero, 地下ロメロ, neomeruru
And for all the fuck you know there's maybe an army of porn stars holed up somewhere in Hollywood, armed to the fucking teeth. Shit, I'd like to see that."
I couldn't help but smile at the thought. Maybe if society ever came back, someone would make that porno.
I would so pay to see that; someone should definitely take the idea of creation into consideration.

I'd been meaning to read this for a while, so naturally I finally get to it when I'm in the middle of a good Final Fantasy fanfic and when I should be trying to get on a good sleeping schedule for when the upcoming semester begins (a little over a week is not enough time holy shit, not with those hours, a case of chronic insomnia and the plans I have for this upcoming week that will ensure what sleep I aim for will be nonexistent), and I couldn't be happier. There's a reason I trust Erika when she promotes something and tells me I should hop on it already; there's a reason we allI look to S2B2 works and authors for good stories. If I was ever in doubt of either of those two things, this story would solidify my trust and ensure doubt never crossed my mind.
"Maybe we can find you something else to wear around here," Mercury said.
"You're looking for clothes in a strip club?"
Mercury shrugged and grinned at me. "Well, fuck, they gotta wear something before they take it off, right?"
There's just something beautiful about that. Really speaks to me *cheeky grin*.

There were some great sexy times in here, as well as a permeating coat of sexiness coloring their interactions throughout:
"Don't want a big ol' guy bending you over?" Mercury chuckled a little. "Or you bending a big ol' guy over? Which way you go for it, anyway?"
Here I'd thought that the end of the world might have meant I got to stop having incredibly awkward conversations. "Um, I don't..."
And countless amusing times:
Yeah, the girl-slap, a great weapon in the zombie-fighting arsenal. Good job.

Mercury threw the washcloth in the bucket with a splat and put his hands on his hips. "God fucking damn it, why do they keep showing up when I've got no pants on!"
It was also sometimes sweet and cute:
Mercury smiled and put one hand under my chin, tilting my head up like something out of the movies, and leaned in to give me the softest, sweetest, gentlest kiss, and oh. There they were, those fireworks. Even nicer than I'd imagined them.
However, much as I like this, it's not going to be my favorite gay zombie story or my favorite S2B2 work. The story that sits upon its throne in first place for both categories goes to No One Said It Would Be Easy by Kikuchi Makoto, a story that earned itself a special place in my heart and one I highly recommend to any and all who enjoy gay zombie stories, S2B2 entries, or enjoyed this story in particular.

Still, this story was the perfect fix while I put off reading [b:Slasherazzi|16053944|Slasherazzi|Daniel A. Kaine|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1399797597s/16053944.jpg|21838578] for just a bit longer (at least until after I finish that aforementioned FF fic, and until I see what ending reactions both Natasha and Nick have about it; that should be good).