Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai

Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai - friskaz Dropped at 20%.

Hmm. I started to get sucked into this because I just can't pass up a Suits fic


but unfortunately this just didn't click for me like I'd hoped.

It's fanfiction, so I guess people won't be surprised to know there are some minor errors in this (ex: tense changes), but I wasn't invested enough in this story to overlook them and not notice. For the most part it reads a lot like an au without many changes. Harvey's still a lawyer, Mike is now a barista, and everyone else is virtually unchanged. And that's where the problem lies for me. Maybe I said that wrong because it isn't actually problematic, however when I got to the "introduction" for Tom's character, he just felt forced in. It makes it seem like the author was trying to make the story very close to the canon of the show, but enough so that I can easily imagine this such barista au scenario in my head and not spend time reading it. My biggest issue, what really made me want to dnf, is the author "subtly" having Harvey comment about needing a new associate, Mike's exact position in the show, and Harvey
"sho[oting] Mike an unreadable look out of the corner of his eye".
To me this simply translates to "this is a barista au with Mike as the barista, but that's going to change soon enough because I'm keeping as canon to the show in my au as possible" and at that point, why not just continue watching the show?

I expect the story does get better, but I'm not curious enough to continue at this point.