The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man - Faith Wood 4.75 stars

I read this fic earlier this morning before class and it put the biggest smile on my face! I loved just about everything in this story.

Some of my favorite HPDM fics feature Ron being an accepting and supportive character, and this one did that wonderfully. There was adorable banter between Ron and Draco, and Ron shows himself to be observant enough to notice Draco's plight of having a crush on Harry but being too scared of rejection to do anything about it on his own. And so Ron decides to help him, providing the plot for this short fic.
"Weasley, stop trying. You're not convincing me —"

"Malfoy, you devised a potion that stuns trolls after Harry's run-in with them. You invented protective gloves after Harry injured his arm. You've been working on Auror protective gear every since Robards told Harry that if he keeps collecting scars, he'll end up looking like Mad-Eye Moody. So no, I don't hate you." The corners of Weasley's mouth turned downwards. He rubbed his eyes and sniffed. "I love you, mate." He threw himself on Draco and crushed him in a bear hug.

"Goddammit." Draco pushed him off in horror.
Their antics had me laughing aloud while I breezed through the story. Getting to see Draco's perspective and follow him on the journey toward realization had me smiling throughout the fic.
"I'm actually brave, but no one sees it?" Draco suggested with a laugh, but the moment he said it he realised — it wasn't just that others couldn't see him; he couldn't see himself, either.
Minor editing errors (ex: the big quote paragraph above shows one) and, personally, I could have done without Harry using the sex toy (dildo? vibrator?) on himself since I have a major preference for HPDM over Drarry and that was almost too much for me and I nearly skipped the sex scene, but thankfully it was in keeping with Draco's earlier thoughts and it is indeed an HPDM fic.

Overall this was an utterly adorable read that I highly recommend.