Sing Me to Sleep

Sing Me to Sleep - Angela Morrison Dropped at 51%. 2.5 stars

I... don't really know how to feel about this book. On one hand I was really liking it and felt pretty addicted and at times it was difficult to put down. On the other hand it was frustrating, at moments felt like the author was trying too hard, a bit boring at times so that I skimmed/skipped through paragraphs, and in the end, or at least up to where I read, infuriating.

At the moment I don't even know how to articulate my feelings about this book in a detailed manner so I'm not even going to try. Some things in this book worked for me and some things didn't, which is a real shame since this came to me recommended and I wanted to enjoy the book. But what made me decide to officially put this down is the following:
"But we didn't get to dance again."
"That's right-you owe me a nice long slow dance." I can say that now. I have Derek. I can tease Scott. We're friends.
and two pages later
I forget everything. We're back at the prom. He wants me. He always wanted me-even when I was ugly. He's not grossed out. He's turned on. I inhale him, clutch his shoulders, close my eyes, and let my lips brush his...Crap I'm kissing my best friend.
And suddenly it's like she has a revelation of the fact that she is in a relationship now.

Alright, I get it, I really do. Scott has been there for forever and she has, understandably, never been convinced, never allowed herself to believe that someone could love her and actually want her and so she ignores the signs of his affection and tells herself it's all in her head. I get that and I don't begrudge her this, at all. But, seriously? The very next paragraph:
And he kisses me back. Major kisses me back. It's not smooth and tender like Derek. Scott's lips are hard on mine-way intense. Too much teeth. But I ache for more when he finally releases me... I bend my head to kiss him again and then pull back with a start. Derek. I have to tell Scott.
Because she wasn't just thinking about Derek, her current boyfriend and a guy who, yes, only knows the new made-over her, but who is also a genuinely good guy who has alluded to having some unwanted things in his life that mean he could understand her and is someone who cares. Yes, feelings for the childhood friend Scott, and I would prefer for her to end up with him,
"Right now it's you and me. Today. Tomorrow. And the day after that and the day after that. It's always been you and me. It's just taken us a while to grow into this part of it." He kisses me, and he's got so much love on his lips that it makes me cry.
but she was literally thinking of Derek while kissing Scott, comparing their kisses, and then "suddenly" remembers she has a boyfriend that for, what a split second?, she forgot about. Yeah, love and relationships are a totally new experience for her, and she's young and in high school, but that's still unacceptable behavior imo and I just can't. No.

In some ways it's beautiful and I think if I was younger and had lower standards like I used to that this would have been a definite hit for me. For some people it has and will still work, but I'm moving on.

Oh and did I mention how in love with Scott's shoulders Beth is?
And those shoulder muscles are even more defined...I can't resist touching his shoulders...And those shoulders. I need to run from those shoulders.
I need to run from this book.

Edit: I found Lisa's review to be fabulously done and to encompass some of the very things that I liked and all the things I didn't like and why. She also let me know that I'm not the only one who thought of Twilight while reading this.